Paul Scarlata




                      background        -3+ years of experience in storyboard art

                                                    -6+ years of experience in character layout                                     

                                                    -1+ years of experience in Flash animation

                                                    -1+ years of experience in character design

                                                    -11+ years of experience in animation and arts




                       experience        September 2005 : Present

                                                    Storyboard Artist, “American Dad” at Fox Television Animation


                                                    January 2005 : September 2005

                                                    Storyboard Artist, “Family Guy” at Fox Television Animation


                                                    June 2004 : December 2004

                                                    Storyboard Artist, “King of the Hill” at Film Roman


                                                    January 2004 : March 2004

                                                    Flash Artist, “VH-1 Illustrated”

                                                    Drew caricatures and created assets for a Flash-based television series.


                                                    March 2001 : May 2004

                                                Character Layout Animator, “King of the Hill”


                                                    May 2000 : December 2000

Jinx, Inc., San Francisco, CA    

Worked on Flash and 3D based animated shorts for this web-based entertainment company. Some of the projects

included storyboards, Flash-based animation, and character design.


                                                    September 1999 : April 2000

                                                    Contract and Freelance Artist

                                                    Worked for various startup and Internet companies providing storyboard, character design, and Flash-based

                                                    animation services.


May 1997 : August 1999

                                                Character Layout Animator, “King of the Hill’

Drew key pose animation for all characters in a given section of scenes, along with composition and perspective

correction of storyboard.


December 1996 : August 1999

                                                    “King of the Hill” Advertising

Composed and drew line art for ads that appeared in TV Guide, newspapers, Entertainment Weekly, and various

other magazines.


May 1996 : May 1997

Character Design, “King of the Hill”

Worked with supervising director in conjunction with show creators to design main and secondary main characters

(design, turnarounds, and clean up), then went on to work with episode directors to design secondary, incidental,

and background characters for individual episodes.




                                  skills        -Strong draftsmanship, composition, and design skills

                                                    -Stylistic flexibility- from realistic to cartoony

                                                    -Strong knowledge of anatomy and the figure- form, weight structure and volume

                                                    -Well-developed sense of timing, motion, and fluidity in animated characters

                                                    -Exceptional ability to convey mood and emotion in both pose and facial expression

                                                    -Computer knowledge includes Windows, Photoshop, Premiere, AfterEffects, Flash, Basic, and Pascal




                              awards        Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 1998 –1999

Emmy Awards Certificate for contributions in Character Layout to the Emmy Award Winning ‘Outstanding Animated

Program’, “King of the Hill”




                          education        Bachelor of Fine Arts, Illustration and Animation 1995

                                                    Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island




                                                    References available upon request